The Iowa Flood Information System (IFIS) is a one-stop web-platform
to access community-based flood conditions, forecasts, visualizations,
inundation maps and flood-related data, information, and applications
A web service is a method of communication between two electronic devices over a network. The Iowa Flood Center (IFC) is working to provide advanced users from research organizations and government agencies an alternative way to access its network of stream sensors. The IFIS Web Service allows automated sharing of stream sensor data in a common format. The IFIS Web Service may be queried using the Representational State Transfer (REST) protocol.

IFIS Web Service returns the list of all IFC stream sensors with site information and recent data. Alternatively, this service provides time series data of stream levels in feet for selected IFC site. The web service returns the data in XML format.

Users can request a list of all IFC stream sensors with site information and recent values by calling the following script:[...]

Important Note: Site ids might change due to updates on the network. Please check correct site id from site list before querying. We will switch to new site ids soon, that will always be constant.

Users can request time series for a specific IFC stream sensor for a particular time period by calling the following script:[...]&period=[...]&format=[...]

site: list of site ids for all IFC sites are available using an empty web service call
period: number of hours [values: 1 - 720]
format: output format [values: tab, xml]

Use this script to request a list of all IFC sites in XML format:

Use this script to request data for IFC Site SHLRK05 for the last 72 hours in XML format: